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Do-it-yourself precision tool-grinding

Become independent! The fastest moulders and most efficient setup systems can only be optimally used if the required tool can be ready to use at anytime at short notice. You only have a grasp of all factors if you produce your tools yourself: time, quality and tool costs. Weinig offers the ideal combination all round: moulders, tools and the Rondamat series for tool grinding. This is because WEINIG is not only concerned about moulders, but also has an eye on the entire environment so that your work stages upstream of production are also perfectly customized.

The Rondamat 960 presents the best equipment for your grinding room guaranteeing true running accuracy of less than 0.005 mm! When it is supplemented with additional equipment packages, it becomes a customized tool grinder for profile cutter heads that you can no longer live without.

The Rondamat series offers you

The WEINIG Rondamat 960 offers you

Tool measurement

The high level of precision of the Rondamat 960 when grinding lays the foundations for producing precise profiles on the moulder. The efficiency of the machine setup, however, requires the tools to be measured. Only then, using the measurements, can the moulder be set up so that the spindles are in the exact position and the very first moulding comes out of the machine with a highly accurate profile. The WEINIG OptiControl is the ideal measuring stand because the data can be sent directly from here to the machine controls. This saves protracted work setting up the machine and it guarantees a highly accurate profile.


Making the templates

The Rondamat 960 is a copying grinder, which means that the profile contour of a template is transferred to the knife. For this purpose, WEINIG provides a template maker, which represents the ideal supplement to your Rondamat 960. Using the device, the profile templates can be made in a very short time and the tools can be grinded. The template maker has a CAD/CAM system, which can be used either to import or to draw the knife contour. The templates are then shaped using CNC control, which ensures a high level of accuracy.


Profiling jointing stones

Jointing is a complex process that requires bringing all the knives of a tool into the same cutting circle and in that way to increase the cuttermarks by the number of knives. For profile jointers the jointing stone must also be profiled. The Rondamat 960 guarantees that the jointing stone is grinded with the same level of precision as the knives, which is the basic requirement for the system to function.

Grind profile knives semi-automatically, straight knives automatically

Motorized processes provide a high level of repetition precision and are often quicker than operation by hand.


Comfort package

The ease of use is very important in all WEINIG machines, also with the Rondamat 960.


Technical Details