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Automatic Gang Rip Saw

Saw assembly                                                                                                        
260426* Cutting width max 310 mm



Operation voltage

37 kW (40 HP)

400 V / 50 Hz

247509* Maintenance-free support of saw arbor


246651* Motorized height adjustment of saw arbor by push button
247508* V-belt driven saw arbor, with safety guard

Diameter of saw arbor


65 mm

253456* Revolutions of saw arbor 4200 r/min




Hydro quick clamping system for the saw blades

– incl. 4 clamping devices for 4 saw blades

– min. strip width









25 mm



















Saw bushing for gang ripping

to prepare saw blades and spacers outside of machine

inside diameter

outside diameter

with key slots for fixation on the saw arbor












65 mm

80 mm

1170292+ Operator tools for saw bushing

Set of spacers

Variety: 4×1 / 4×2 / 4×5 / 6×10 / 8×20 / 2×30 / 2×15 mm

Outside diameter

Different variety and/or diameter possible














4 carbide tipped saw blades










247510* Saw blade bore 80 mm
484103* Saw blade diameter min./max 300 / 350 mm
188550 2 Additional carbide tipped saw blades Ø300×3,4/2,2/z=28
1462564 Laser, red, manually adjustable by scale,

to indicate saw blade position.

Range, depending on lighting conditions:

20 mW


max. 5 m




Feed and chain
247506* Infinitely variable feed speed via AC inverter
953379* Feed speed

Feed system

5 – 35 m/min

1,3 kW (1,7 HP)

483738 Infeed fence for processing edged timber


260427* Chain width 340 mm


Precise cut by accurate board feed and extremely quiet running of prism guided transport chain, made of high-quality cast
477783* Automatic adjustable chain lubrication
371607* Automatic oil level control




Closed chain links

Wear resisting chain deflection below saw blades

Transport chain with spikes, every 3rd chain link

Inserts with spikes, screwed on to chain links

Length of spikes, standard

Penetration depth, standard

Penetration depth from 0.8mm up to 2.8mm possible

Spikes guarantee an absolutely parallel board feed and accurate cut.  They are advantageous when cutting contorted, twisted or short boards





6 mm

0.8 mm

on request

Pressure hood
484113* Cutting height max. with maximum saw blade diameter, without pressure board

– with Quickfix

– with saw bushing



110 mm

115 mm

1672201 Cutting height min. 15 mm
1157642* Cutting width max.

Cutting width min. with pressure board

Cutting width min. without pressure board

310 mm

15 mm

25 mm



Motorized height adjustment of the pressure unit

by push button and scale



Pressure hood

– incl. 4 adjustable pressure rollers, supported at both sides

– incl. pressure board (option)

1361916 Pressure board made of phenolic wood

including clamping device for better guidance of the material

To be used for processing thin and/or narrow strips

Min. cutting height with pressure board

Max. cutting height with pressure board











15 mm

80 mm

1379158 Additional pressure board made of phenolic wood
483476* Shortest piece possible 500 mm
1159252* Valid for manual infeed and outfeed.
484115* Outlet width in total, max 650 mm
484114* Outlet width right from saw blade, max 195 mm
247814* Electrical cabinet fixed to the machine frame
247499* Centrally arranged control elements, mounted to the machine
Working and operational safety
1086904* 1 set of operating manual and service notes, each in German


and one EU language on choice (additional copies and languages available upon request at a surcharge)
1086902* Operator tools
517197* European safety norms (CE), German BG regulations for dust protection

Multiple anti-kick-back devices




RAIMANN SafetyPlus

An additonal kevlar curtain, improves operators safety from kick-backs including small splinter










Swivelling safety cover, incl. locking and standstill control.

EMERGENCY STOP switch at the infeed and outfeed side



1160420* Permissible ambient temperature range between 5 and 35°C
248261* Outlet diameter of integrated suction hood Ø 250 mm
248262* Air velocity for dust exhaust 30 m/sec
248260* Air volume for dust exhaust, in total 5300 m³/h


Noise emission

Emission value at the workstation

–       In idle motion

–       In operation

Sound volume

–       In idle motion

–       In operation

According to EN 1870-4 and ISO 7960 annex Q

Uncertainty constant value K=4 dB(A)



LpA = 77 dB(A)

LpA = 82 dB(A)


LwA = 93 dB(A)

LwA = 97 dB(A)


253459* Working height 850 mm
484305* Total length, without infeed fence

Total width


1750 mm

1750 mm

1500 mm

1323056* Detailed technical information according to installation plan.


Net weight

(The weight may vary according to equipment)

approx. 1800 kg



– light grey

– anthracite


RAL 7035

RAL 7016