The AL-KO KOBER GROUP is a financially strong concern, operating globally with more than 4,200 employees at 51 sites. In the core business areas of automotive engineering, Garden+Hobby and ventilation and air-conditioning technology, AL-KO belongs to the market leaders.

AL-KO ventilation and air-conditioning technology is a worldwide specialist for air-handling-units. Thereby, the newest technologies, consistent highest quality and delivery reliability, as well as the implementation of customer-specific requirements, are the basis of our success.

Stationary and mobile extraction systems: AL-KO offers for wood-processing businesses (for example joiners, carpenters or furniture manufacturers) extraction systems with added value. AL-KO extraction systems can, however, also completely extract other materials in addition to woodshavings: for example substitute wood materials, plastics, stone materials, paint mist, metal swarf, paper or even welding fumes. Extraction systems from AL-KO can therefore guarantee smooth-running production processes and stand for safe working. AL-KO extraction systems can be best described like this: reliable in the extraction of dust and shavings, quiet operation and compact, space-saving construction.

Our new generation of mobile extraction systems and extraction plants is optimised for energy consumption, and saves the user considerable energy costs within the unit service life – true to our motto “SAVE ENERGY”.

AL-KO equipment extracts Wood materials: Shavings and dust impedes the production process and workers’ health, especially during processing of wood materials (for example in joineries or carpenters shops or during furniture production). AL-KO developed its extraction systems decades ago based on this necessity, and is nowadays the market leader for extraction systems in the wood processing sector.

Paint mist: Spray painting processes often have hazardous side-effects. Any paint mist developing must be meticulously extracted right at the source in order to completely avoid poisonous gases or paint mist in the working environment.

Stone materials: Whether it’s during stonemason work or construction material production, the hard consistency of stone materials comes with considerable hidden health risks for the user during the production process. Direct and continuous extraction removes stone dust and minimal stone particles right where they occur.

Plastics : High precision working procedures and the high qualities required in the plastics or plexiglass material sectors can only be achieved if cutting and milling locations are free of swarf and residual materials. Efficient extraction is of great importance for product quality.

Welding fumes Toxic fumes and flying sparks are caused at welding workplaces. Extraction at welding workplaces is therefore extremely important for ensuring safe working without damage to health.

Substitute wood materials: Many materials are substituted nowadays for a range of reasons. But even if composite materials, for example, are being processed instead of wood materials, powerful extraction technology is indispensable. AL-KO has the right extraction.