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The T12 – A compact spindle moulder with premium features

Let our new T12 spindle moulder turn your head. For example with its highly functional but easy-to-use control system. The T12 is the ideal machine for every company – either as an affordable entry into the MARTIN world of moulding or as an effective way to expand manufacturing options for traditional workshops and industrial applications alike.

With its individual customization options, the new compact-class machine from MARTIN is the perfect spindle moulder for any applicationt12-1


Short set-up times thanks to modern technology

The control technology of the new T12 compact shaper is like that on all other MARTIN machines: highly functional and easy to operate. The modern Touch-Screen control system is positioned ergonomically at eye-level and helps to reduce set-up times markedly. So the operator can, for example, comfortably adjust the cutting height via the touch-sensitive screen. Additional optional accessories can be added so that the ‘cutting depth (stop)’ and the ‘cut (infeed jaw)’ axes can be integrated into the controls as well, making the T12 a 3-axis shaper.


Small but powerful

The mechanical elements of the T12 are of very high quality and designed for durability. And even though the T12 seems to be quite small and light, the machine frame is a heavy compact compound construction. With a total weight of 950 kilos, it offers the best possible foundation for every job.

Otto Martin T12

Compact, correct, comfortable

The most outstanding feature of the T12’s fence is the sophisticated bilateral guidance system which allows a uniquely high degree of precision for a compact-class machine – it is capable of a repetition accuracy of ± 0.025 mm. For special moulding jobs, e.g. for curved mouldings, the fence can be removed very quickly and easily and then be remounted just as easily. Robust but very exact mechanical fittings make time-consuming re-adjustments unnecessary.


Individual solutions for your individual needs

With such a comprehensive array of features even in the basic version, the T12 is the ideal entrylevel machine with premium qualities. Plus the many additional optional accessories can make the T12 a shaper for the most demanding requirements – to mention just one of the many options, the ability to attain a continuous speed of 1,000 up to 12,000 revolutions/min. The basic version comes with the tried-and-tested original MARTIN DornFix system but it can also be equipped with the HSK tool-free clamping system. Along with the HSK 85 “PowerLock” the HSK 63F can also be added, thus making the T12 the ideal addition to a CNC machining centre.

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