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WEINIG Powermat 700: The new generation of moulding and planing

With the introduction of the Powermat series in the year 2004 WEINIG began a new era for planing and profiling. Now, with the Powermat 700 the next generation has arrived; offering undreamt-of possibilities.

The Powermat 700 is designed with a revolutionary new operating concept which no other moulder can offer. The result: improved ease of operation and very short setup times offer the highest degree of flexibility. With these outstanding qualities the new Powermat is the perfect response to the market demands of today and sets a new standard for four sided processing

The WEINIG Powermat series provides

The WEINIG Powermat 700 provides

Operating concept Comfort Set

The new operating concept Comfort Set comprises a great number of wrench-free adjustments for pressure and guiding elements which can be performed quickly, accurately and without error. With features like this the machine operator will experience a new degree of comfort in performing the moulder setup like he never experienced before. The final proof of the new setup procedure can also be seen in the quality of the products you produce.



With 7,000 rpm spindle speed in standard the new Powermat 700 offers even more performance. This means more linear production every day without sacrificing high surface quality. Compared to conventional moulders, the production increase is up to 15%.

The option of 8,000 rpm spindle speed allows an even higher increase, which perfectly meets the current requirements in terms of productivity and cost effectiveness.



At the point where the cutting edge meets the work piece for cutting is where surface quality is determined. Precision tools are therefore essential. However, even the best tool needs spindles with perfectly true running accuracy.


PowerCom Plus: Networked with your environment

Extremely high performance yet surprisingly simple – that is PowerCom Plus, the top solution for management and work organization of your Powermat 700.


Pressure roller moving with the left spindle

Pressure elements and guides are responsible to guide the work piece smooth and safe through the machine. Therefore, they need to be setup properly. In this context, the pressure roller from above located opposite the left spindle and moving with the left spindle offers significant advantages.


Areas of application

Profiled mouldings


Our core competence

Profiling mouldings of all types has always been WEINIG’s core competence. Profiling includes a wide range of end products that nevertheless set the same challenges for machine technology: high levels of profile precision with excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

WEINIG technology is always setting new standards in this area. The basis for this are the solid machine bases with precise machine tables and the fence at exactly the right angle to this. The superiority of the WEINIG machines is seen overall when dynamics are brought into the equation: spindles with high true running accuracy, a strong feed system and the corresponding pressure elements.

The perfect interaction of these components guarantees smooth transportation in a defined position through the machine. The result is the legendary WEINIG quality of your products: high profile precision, excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.


Technical Details