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Martin T27 Flex

T27 Flex: Creative Moulding

Setting up a tilting shaper can be a major challenge. Not so for the T27 FleX with its modern touchscreen controller.

Thanks to the controller’s integrated tool conversion, the operator can make efficient use of the wide tilting range of the T27 FleX (2 x 46°), allowing them to set up even complex moulding patterns with a tilted spindle in a flash.


Reduced set-up times thanks to state of the art technology

No matter whether you work with the spindle tilted to the front or to the back, the controller prompts you in setting up the moulding process. Cutting height, cutting angle – everything is structured in an obvious way for the operator. After activating the tool, the controller will indicate the location to reference the tool in relation to the table and fence jaws. In this way, setup procedures that used to be very time-consuming can be performed rapidly – a major step in the direction of more flexibility and efficiency for the operator.


Perfect results on six axes

On the T27 FleX, up to six axes can be motorized and controlled. In addition to the cutting height and cutting angle, the cutting depth, the infeed jaw of the fence, the table opening, and the height setting of the feed support can be adjusted by the controller. Up to 1,000 tools and 1,000 programs can be stored in the controller. A powerful search function as well as “group” and “favorite” functions assist the operator in selecting the needed profiles. On the basic machine, the entire fence is adjusted with an easily accessible handwheel via a digital display; the infeed jaw is also adjusted with a handwheel according to a Vernier scale



Benefit from HSK technology

Besides the proven MARTIN DornFix quick-change system that is used on the basic T27 machine, two versions of pneumatically clamping HSK tools are also available. The HSK system is especially suited for those who want to use their shaper as an effective supplement to their shapers or CNC processing centers. Besides HSK85 „PowerLock“, we also offer the HSK63F system. Using this technology, you can easily adapt the tooling of a CNC processing center directly to the shaper, freeing up your router from time consuming traverse moulding jobs, thereby reducing bottlenecks.

hsk hsk1 hsk2

Technical Details


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