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The T75 PreX: a machine that sets new standards!

Flexibility at the highest level
With the decision to purchase a T75 PreX, you are deciding on a reliable, premium class machine that ideally fits the versatile requirements of your daily work.

Whether you cut square panel products, saw complex angular cuts in solid wood or process glued up stock, thanks to the T75 PreX’s strong flexibility you can achieve perfect results. With a tilting range of 92° and a blade height of 204 mm, you have new possibilities to revolutionize your work. Now you can decide how best to process your workpiece; not the machine.

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Powerful cut up to 204 mm in height

A powerful 7.5 kW motor that can also be equipped with a variable speed control makes certain that the remarkable cutting height of this machine can be used efficiently. Refinements like increased motor horsepower of up to 11 kW (15 HP) and a cutting angle with an accuracy of 0.01 degrees are things that you can expect from MARTIN. The T75 offers a TILTING RANGE OF 92°, thanks to the NEW DUAL SIDED DRIVEN TRUNNION SYSTEM that can be quickly positioned.


Clear and comfortable operation

Designed into the premium class T75 PreX is MARTIN’s user friendly and intuitive TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY. Not only does MARTIN set industry standards with their mechanical engineering but also with their operating system. The adjustment of the machine by the operator is achieved with an intuitive dialog with the controller. From the saw blade to the rip fence to the 3-axis scoring saw, all axes are automatically adjusted. The machine’s software is constantly being improved upon. Offered updates are easily downloaded by the customer an uploaded to the machine. A MARTIN machine always offers the best resale value, because no one wants to be stuck with an outdated controller with outdated software.

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Safety and Comfort

A special design feature of the T75 PreX is the outstanding FUNCTION OF THE BLADE GUARD. The guard is designed to function with a saw blade height of 1 mm to 204 mm and with a tilting range of 92°, without being a constant nuisance to the operator. Through the combination of various cantilevered, round bodied disks, the required placement of the blade guard to the required cut creates the perfect zone of protection for the operator. Both sides of the blade guard are optionally equipped with sensors and for every established blade guard combination, the controller calculates the maximum allowable tilt angle as well as the blade height.

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Cross-cut fence with splinter-free blow-out block

The T75‘s cross-cut fence has hardly been affected by the doubling of the tilting angle to 92°. You get a premium cross-cut fence that can be pushed back to a safety position when you tilt the saw blade to the left. This way it makes room for the blade guard that now protects this space. Thanks to the clever design of the extension mechanism, its blow-out block can be used as backing plate regardless of where the fence is positioned. The T75‘s cross-cut fence has a perfect contact surface for short work pieces even if it is pushed back into the safety position. This way your cutting results are always perfect.


Sliding table with replaceable table lip

The MARTIN hardened steel guide system, that has been steadily improved since 1959, is part of every sliding table saw. The unbeatable technical advantage of this system is the permanent smooth and precision guidance of the table. Some in our industry view the fact that the hardened steel guide strips are permanently lubricated in oil to be a great disadvantage. On the contrary, it is a testament to MARTIN‘s quality as it is the only way to make sure that the surfaces are unaffected by dust and chips. The hardened guide strips are cleaned every time the operator strokes the table and is the only way to permanently ensure a smooth and easy movement of the sliding table over time. The table lip that is bolted to the main sliding table extrusion makes it easy to repair damage caused by defl ected saw blades. The table can be locked down every 20 mm along the length of the machine, another MARTIN exclusive!



Technical Details


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