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  • COMBITHERM is a compact built, space-saving, combined thermo heating and forming unit. The combination of a thermo heating oven with a vacuum press enables you to heat up various thermoforming materials fast to their optimal forming temperature and then form them with vacuum in one machine.
  • COMBITHERM is ideal for heating and forming solid surface materials such as: HI-MACS, AVONITE, CORIAN, STARON, VARICOR, GETACORE, WILSONART, PLEXICOR, MARLAN, KERROCK, etc.
  • COMBITHERM is ideal for heating and forming all other thermoforming materials such as: ABS, PC (Makrolon), PMMA (Plexiglas), PET-G (Vivak), PS, PP, PVC, etc.
  • COMBITHERM is of course a vacuum press for: veneering, coating, laminating and pressing
  • COMBITHERM is easy to use. The innovative circulating hot air system heats thermoforming materials in various thicknesses and qualities evenly. This generates a very gentle and unproblematic heating up procedure. The vacuum press operates with the sophisticated technology designed by Columbus!
  flat-pressing laminated-bendingpreheating-andcorian-2
  • Laminated Bending
    • Laminating and veneering of any form and shape with wood and board materials such as: bendy plywood, plywood, thick sawn veneer, MDF, etc.
  • Flat Pressing & Bonding
    • Flat pressing, veneering and bonding of various materials such as: wooden board materials, recycled wood, composite materials, honeycomb boards, glass, etc.
  • Heating & Forming
    • Preheating and forming of thermoplastic materials such as: Plastics (ABS, PMMA, PET-G, PVC, etc.) and Solid Surface Materials (Corian, HI-MACS, Samsung, Kerrock, etc.).
  • Hot Forming
    • Vacuum hot forming and shaping of Plastics and Solid Surface Materials such as: Plexiglas, Perspex, Lucite, Staron, Avonite, Hanex, Krion, etc.

Thermoforming for new profitable markets

COMBITHERM is a space-saving two in one machine for heating and forming of materials economically.
This creates possibilities to work with new materials to design new forms and shapes; to realise your own ideas and to satisfy the demands of your customers.
A cost effective way to enter a lucrative market without a lot of additional expenses.



Vacuum Membrane:

  • construction: vacuum-sealed inside the membrane frame
  • material: highly elastic, robust, and durable silicon membrane
  • manual stress: 18 N/mm², 700 % elongation at break point, highly wear-resistant
  • thermal stress: – 40 °C to maximal + 220 °C

Production capacity:

  • heating and Forming: according to the manufacturer’s instructions of the material
  • vacuum layer-gluing: 10 min. to 4 h, depending on shape of the work piece and material/glue used
  • vacuum form-veneering: between 10 and 30 min., depending on shape and type of glue used

Heating oven

  • size drawer: ca. 2600 x 1200 mm
  • material thickness: 0 – 70 mm
  • heating power: 9 KW, 400 V, 50/60 Hz
  • pull-out operation of the working surface, pattern 30 x 30 mm
  • variable temperature setting +230 °C
  • eletronic temperature control
  • exact temperature distribution to the entire heating surface through Columbus CHS unique hot air heating system
  • overheating protection
  • energy saving through low power input and tight closing lid

Forming station

  • size inside frame: ca. 2920 x 1320 mm
  • rotary vane vacuum pump VT 4.25, vacuum pressure to max. 9 t/m², nominal displacement: 25 m³/h
  • siliconmembran (max. +220 °C)
  • optimal pressing with a pressure of 9 t/m² also on large scale work pieces
  • evenly applied pressure on all sides of the work piece
  • simple and reliable opening / closing mechanism
  • vacuum pressure regulator (variable pressure setting)
Overall dimensions: ca. 3600 x 1600 x 1200  mm