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Gannomat ProTec

CNC Machining Center

CNC precision machinig center for complete processing – Drilling, Grooving, Routing. Compact design and high performance technology with through feed technique for cabinets, furniture, interior design and much more. Compact – Stronger – Faster.

  • Large (1000x5600x60mm) and small (60x250x6mm) workpiece dimension
  • small footprint requirement: less than 33m3
  • Gentle workpiece handling by air cushion
  • precision through double laser measurement and workpiece straightening
  • Fast processing through 21/23 drilling spindles
  • 21/23 drilling spindles for zero setting times
  • strong routing unit 5,5 kW (S1), option
  • Stable grooving unit till 8,3mm saw blade width
  • Automatic tool changer for routing unit, option


Features and Benefits

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Vertical machining from underneath

Advantages of the horizontal or lying workpiece transport and processing from the bottom are:

The workpiece weight is spread on the largest workpiece surface, herewith the relatively thin workpiece edge with the already glued on edge material is protected.
Very easy loading and unloading of long and heavy workpieces (e.g. countertops).
The zero point is always at the bottom edge of the workpiece.
Precise and constant drilling, grooving and routing depth, even when tolerances in workpiece thickness are given, because the workpiece is referenced to the machine steel table.
The workpiece is protected, because the outer surface of the finished workpiece faces upwards.
Chips and sawdust automatically fall out of holes, grooves and routings, therefore e.g. clean holes are given for inserting dowels, hinges, fittings and other hardware.
Very good dust extraction results.



Gentle workpiece processing through air-jets

Massive supporting table with Air-Jet-Table, the most precise and gentle drilling reference surface.





Universal application in panel processing and solid wood processing

Precision drilling, grooving and routing for efficient panel and solid wood processing.



4 side formatting

A precise routing around at all four edges of the workpiece is given and herewith the full formatting of panel material.

Simply programm the the wished excess length.





Space requirement 3,3 m²

Width (X): 2200 mm
Depth (Y): 1484 mm
Height (Z): 1409 mm

The ProTec can be placed at the left side against a wall.


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