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Dynamics, Power and Performance

The powerful efficiency of the PRO-MASTER 7222 CNC machining center is impressive. The PRO-MASTER 7222 can easily handle even difficult machining jobs on solid
wood and special materials. A comprehensive package of accessories ensures perfect adaptation to every application.


  • 7222-detail-1
  • Dynamic operation combined with heavy duty, torsionally, rigid design guarantee optimum work results.
  • User-friendly software as complete package with CAMPUS machine and offi ce license.
  • Edge routing and drilling up to maximum dimensions of 7,220 mm x 1,580 mm (minus cutter radius).
  • 11-kW power spindle with ceramic bearings can be upgraded to 16 kW for extremely heavy work.
  • Optional, fully interpolating C-axis for even higher performance.
  • Precision direct drives with exceptionally high dynamic acceleration values for extremely high productivity.

Powerful High-End CNC for Heavy-Duty Machining



  • Workpiece Clamps
    Variable system of matched workpiece clamps for straight and curved frame parts (optional, Fig. 1/2/3).
  • Tool Changer
    Innovative shuttle-type tool changer with up to 60 tool locations supplements the selection of traveling disk changers (Fig. 4).
  • Drilling Head
    Optional 24 spindle drilling unit and integrated grooving saw for even more effi cient completion of all hole patterns (Fig. 5).
  • Lock Case Cutter
    High performance horizontal cutting unit for effective machining of door and frame parts (Fig. 6).
  • CAMPUS Package
    High quality, user-friendly CNC software with office and machine license. Extensive 3D simulation module as standard feature. Integrated CAD module and versatile macros for easy programming.
  • CabinetControl Base
    Furniture design and complete CNC programs finished in minutes with just a few mouse clicks.

Technical Details



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